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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Please show me a Star Trek film that isn't full of holes and inconsistencies.

My enjoyment of Trek even includes the really bad ones. I could have dedicated the rest of my life hating "The Alternative Factor", "Plato's Stepchildren", "ST V: The Final Frontier", "Generations", DS9's "Move Alone Home", VOY's "Threshold", Data's death in "Nemesis" - and most of Season Two of ENT.

But I still got my money's worth enjoying making fun of them.
Yeppers. I keep saying it: I love Trek. Even when it's bad (terrible), like Doctor Who, it's still some of the best TV and movies around. But don't get me started on it cause if you make me stop and analyze, I'll rip its heart out and eat it.

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Mycroft Maxwell wrote:
I don't care if you saved the United States from an Alien invasion, they are not gonna give you a Captain Rank with their most advanced Destroyer or Submarine.
I get the point, but I'm not sure that the US should be held up as the gold standard for good decision-making, especially these days, and I say that as a US citizen.

I have problems with a lot of characters acting out of character.
I really don't think that qualifies as "out of character", especially given its prefiguration ( for lack of a better word ) in TOS.

They do have a way of getting into space. Also, we know from TOS and other examples that they can operate in atmosphere.

Different timeline.

Apparently someone in Starfleet had a "go big or go home" mentality. I feel the urge to shrug.
Marcus. We know he was he had a hand in designing new ships. Enterprise was the newest flagship in ST09. Pike was Marcu's hire (to use a term). If you want in-universe: Kelvin's destruction swings political favor in Marcus's direction, he starts building bigger ships in preparation for the war that (from his POV) is just about to happen. Enterprise is as big as he can design/build at the moment, he puts "his guy" in the center seat.
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