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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Does anyone know why the K'T'Inga from "Heart of Glory" had it's "radiator" glow changed from blue to red? I can understand if it may have been a result of bad color-timing during composting (hence the ship going from grey to green,) but I remember this limited edition painting Andrew Probert did. While the date marks it at 1991 (I think, if anyone actually has the print, let us know,) it's not unlike him to persistently use the elements and concepts he laid down when he was Art Director during Season 1 in later works about TNG. His most recent painting of the Calypso for the 2010 SOTL is entirely from the perspective of Season 1 (uniform design, the color of the yacht being the blue-green pattern of the actual ship, Picard smiling, etc.)

Plus, the Klingon ship having Federation markings actually makes perfect sense given Season 1's take on the relationship between Klingons and the Federation (that they were full members), as well as the Enterprise-B being unmodified.
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