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Re: Kurtzman Defends Star Trek Into Darkness

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When I saw the movie the first time, I thought, No they didn't go there...

Then when I stopped to think about it...

Yeah, they probably did.

THAT had to be done on purpose, No Writer worth his salt, Could Miss How Easily that could be misconstrued.

And I'll forever have that image and it still gives me great laughs. One of the best accidental comedic moments in all of Star Trek!
...yeahup, one of those 'accidentally-on-purpose' moments.

I must go out in2 space again for the call of adventure cries. With a steady hand & robust crew I'll take her forth with pride. I must go out in2 space again to a vagabond Captains life. Where comets play & galaxies sway like whirlwinds in the night.

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