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Why on earth are people still saying "Earth to Kronos".

They even specifically point out in the film that there are in the Neutral Zone, lightyears from the planet. All the maps at Starfleet HQ show the Neutral Zone and Kronos' relative positions, and the planet is much deeper into Klingon space.

We don't know how long the Mudd ship was in warp flight there and back for.
Hmm very good point. Could you give me a link to these maps? This could solve a lot more questions!
The events of the film between the Enterprise's take off and the battle next to the Moon take place within less than a day, Scotty says so. So whatever they did, they got from Earth to the Neutral Zone to Kronos and back to the Neutral Zone and back to Earth in 24 hours.
I don't trust Scotty's word, but 24 hours is more than enough for me.
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