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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

Mycroft Maxwell wrote:
I don't care if you saved the United States from an Alien invasion, they are not gonna give you a Captain Rank with their most advanced Destroyer or Submarine.
I get the point, but I'm not sure that the US should be held up as the gold standard for good decision-making, especially these days, and I say that as a US citizen.

I have problems with a lot of characters acting out of character.
I really don't think that qualifies as "out of character", especially given its prefiguration ( for lack of a better word ) in TOS.

And I think its not really convenient to build a star ship on the surface.
They do have a way of getting into space. Also, we know from TOS and other examples that they can operate in atmosphere.

And you dont make a ship from 300 meters to 700 meters because some ship was destroyed.
Apparently someone in Starfleet had a "go big or go home" mentality. I feel the urge to shrug.

SUPER DUPER DUPER SPEED. DO Starships not have a warp limit anymore? I thought they got to Vulcan fast, but from Qo'nos to Earth was just INSANELY fast.
I have to agree with this one. It used to be the Khan angle that took me out of the movie, now it's this. The movie acts as if the Neutral Zone is on Kronos' doorstep and also on Earth's doorstep. I suppose it's reasonable to assume for necessity's sake that warp speeds are simply a lot faster in this timeline, but damn. There could be a technobabble explanation for the return trip.

A supernova cannot threaten a whole galaxy.
This is a new, fictional type of supernova that behaves exactly as the plot requires it to. In terms of "bad science" it's really no worse than many other things that are traditional in ST.

Only way is that the name of the star of Romulas is Hobus.
That doesn't work because then it makes no sense whatsoever for Spock to attempt to save Romulus. He's not trying to evacuate the Romulans, he's trying to save their planet, which one way or the other is a non-starter once the supernova is in effect. He's not going to be able to cram too many Romulans into his little ship, even if they're packed in like proverbial sardines. Not to mention the fact that Star Trek Online ( and the novelization, IIRC ) stated that Hobus was on the edge of Romulan space.
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