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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

I was under impression that enough was salvageable from the bridge set that they were later able to use it for the Enterprise-D battle bridge and Stargazer bridge - although, it's interesting that the next time we should see this bridge, as the Hathaway, it's a mostly or entirely new set that I think started life as the courtroom in "The Measure of a Man."

Does anyone know when the tarp incident occurred? Perhaps it was between Season One and Two of TNG, and that'd explain why the set suddenly changes.

The TMP bridge was great, but in hindsight feels very primitive to me, for some reason even moreso than the TOS bridge. I can accept the TOS bridge being very low-fi but the TMP bridge just feels very... dated. I really liked the redesign that came about for TFF, although I like the TUC color scheme more. (I dislike that they moved the turbolift stops, though. Not quite sure why they did that.) The thing about the TNG sets being used in TFF that bothers me is that they're so painfully, obviously the TNG sets with no modification. I'm aware that Mr. Shatner liked the aesthetic and hence the bridge was created to match, but TUC proves that some refitting can nicely help distinguish them so it's not so painfully obvious. As I recall most of the "widening" that took place for the TNG corridors consisted or removing the angled braces, in addition to altering the paint and lighting.

Of course, the warp core was still painfully the same, but I guess you can't win em all.
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