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Re: Alternate Second Doctor Regeneration

Captaindemotion wrote: View Post
My inner pedant feels compelled to say 'Jon.' Nice find though. Pertwee looked old though, didn't he? Not surprising that he passed away soon after.
Oh yeah, soz. Typed it in wrong. Teenagers.....:P

Yeah, it was late in his life.
diankra wrote: View Post
That's from Devious (as the Youtube text sort-of says), a fan film about a half-incarnation between 2&3 that ends with him regenerating into Pertwee. That bit was shot around 1995, so just before Pertwee's death, but the full film was never finished. Some of Pertwee's dialogue was repurposed so he could appear in Big Finish's 30th Anniversary story Devious, and the console was used in The Curse of Fatal Death.
Oh......I totally knew that...........:P

I did wonder why the second doctor looked nothing much like Troughton. I just thought he was some geek who wanted really hard to look like Troughton. :P
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