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Re: Location of the Delphic Expanse

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What makes the Delphiac Expanse an Expanse? What is an Expanse. Theres the Typhon Expanse to Consider to (From "Cause and Effect")
A expanse is simply a large area with some kind of characteristic. Truthfully, I not sure what you're trying to say.

apenpaap wrote: View Post
Something no one has mentioned, is that the expanse may be "above" or "below" us. The galactic plane is 10000 light years thick, so it could easily be above or below us, especially as star charts and stuff have placed stuff in all deirections in our plane, but hardly anything out of it.
There also the consideration that the expanse wasn't a permanent feature, it was growing in size, so working backwards there would have been a time in the history of this part of the galaxy when the expanse was tiny. It would have been possible to easily travel around it. The Cardassian poet could have gotten to Vulcan by traveling through what would one day be the expanse.

Prior to the construction of the first of the spheres there would have been no expanse at all.

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