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The Kitchen Table (aka Breaking The News)

I was just now watching a commercial for life insurance, in which they showed images of families sitting around kitchen tables talking about important and happy things, with a voice saying "The kitchen table is where news is shared, plans are made and decisions are decided. Physicians Mutual will be there when it comes to discuss insurance."

Now I don't care much about the insurance part, but the idea of the kitchen table being the place in the home where important topics are discussed got me thinking. If I were to break important news to my parents, where would it be? At their kitchen table.

This is distinguished from the dining room table, where more formal meals are held. That place would seem too cold and detached for important news. Though I know that in smaller homes, or my own apartment, the kitchen table and dining room table are one and the same, so in that case it wouldn't seem so strange.

The living room would feel too comfortable. That's a place for entertainment, games, fun conversation. I wouldn't want to disrupt that space with important matters.

So the kitchen table really does seem like the perfect place. The kitchen feels like a place where important things happen, good or bad. It represents a middle ground between the casual living room and the formal dining room. In fact, in my parents' house, it is literally between those two rooms. This is where I would break bad or good news.

I know this may be entirely different in other countries and cultures, where the homes are constructed differently and may have different meaning. I have always found the use of space in a home to be very fascinating.

I'm interested to hear where other people would break the news. Would it be in the kitchen as well? Or does it feel like there's a more appropriate place in your home?
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