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Re: The episode "Distant Origin"

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If you'd read the meaning of my post, you will discover that I meant that it is almost impossible that there will come a day when human bones are the only evidence left of human civilisation. We have created structures designed to last for a very long time. The pyramids, the Great Wall of China. they may not survive in a form we can recognise, but an investigation will reveal non-natural origins.
Oh? What kind of evidence do you expect to remain for the non-natural origins of the Great (Rock) Wall of China, or the (Rock) Pyramids of Giza after millions of years? If you think 5,000 years is old, try imagining a span one thousand times longer! What do you think will remain of those structures after 5 million years, or 50 million?

Other examples could include the vast road networks across many countires, or the foundations built to support the many absolutely huge buildings that we have constructed. Also dams. Even if they are reduced to apparent rocks, an investigation will show that they are very unusual rocks.
Maybe, but the entire asphalt road network of the world would just end up a very thin band among the much thicker rocks in the stratigraphic record. We just haven't been here that long, geologically speaking, and our remains aren't going to be that extensive.

The fact is that any space faring culture will leave behind evidence of that culture in some form.
Evidence, yes. Extensive and easily recognizable evidence, no, I don't agree.
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