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Re: Great article about Chris Pine as Kirk

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Agreed! As I said in the comments there:

Great article, but this in particular:

WhatCulture Article wrote:
"For example, as Kirk is preparing for a mission to the Klingon homeworld, Spock says, “I would be happy to accompany you on the away team.”

Kirk looks at him with a teasing smile and says, “You? Happy?”

It is in this scene that Chris Pine most resembles Kirk. It’s shot from an angle familiar to us from the TV series, with Kirk in the captain’s chair, looking slightly upward and over his right shoulder at Spock."
NAILED it. When I saw that same moment in the theater, I came to the realization that "this IS Kirk! This is Captain James Kirk!"

It was just a flawless moment by both Pine and Quinto alike.
After reading this I made sure to keep a look out during my viewing today, and MAN that is Shatner right there! He even smirks like Shatner! It really struck me because I've been watching a lot of TOS lately.
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