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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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Where the danger lies for me is if I'm reading a thread about a book I've already read, and a recent post from someone who's further along could say, "This reminds me of what happened in the novel that came out last month..." and then they proceed to give away plot points about something recent in a thread that's actually about something else. THAT is what I object to. It's inconsiderate.
I agree with this and think people need to use common sense when it comes to discussing information in other novels that aren't directly related to the thread in question. Having said that, I don't believe that people purposely avoid doing this in an effort to be rude. People make mistakes and forget. It happens.
My only point was that when it does happen, someone should be able to flag that post and have a mod fix it. Like we used to. And that part of the rules should say 'be considerate about this'. Yes, it's silly that we need that, but the attitudes of some in this thread have made it clear that intend to follow the rules to the letter and show no consideration to others at all unless they are told they have to by a mod. Someone came right out and said as much.

It's perfectly acceptable to question the wisdom of a decision before it's made. But once the decision has been reached and implemented, it is the responsibility of everyone to stand the behind the decision and support it.
My apologies, as I mentioned I've been off the board because of the spoiler issue for a good while, only checking in periodically. I hadn't realised that this issue had already been discussed and debated in the context of coming up with a new rule. If you could link me to that discussion I'd appreciate it.

Except that you've provided absolutely no proof that the rule doesn't work. You've only whined repeatedly because you don't agree with its existence. Another poster made an excellent suggestion that you and your supporters poll the members of this forum to determine what they think the best alternative policy should be.
The problem is that the argument is that people like me have left the board because of these issues. By definition, the current board is only going to contain people who don't have a problem with the way things are at the moment. As for statistical evidence: I'm fairly sure this board is less busy now than it was five years ago.
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