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My Grievances of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

People call me a hater. Probably being a life long Trek fan from the time i was able to talk has made me a person who expects certain things from my beloved Star Trek. So I thought, what is it that I don't like about JJ Abrams new star trek movies. What is it that bothers me but doesn't bother other people. So I thought I'd go out on the limb and make a list of things I do not like. In doing this I thought "Well people are gonna see some of these as ridiculous because it doesn't bother them as much as it does me". It very well might come down to my OCD. So you NuTrek lovers, please don't get mad at me. This is a list of things that just bothers ME. And I will trashtalk the movie makers a bit, I do that to people who aggravate my OCD lol. Now as Khan put it....Shall We Begin....

1.Lensflares- This is my most pressing issue. I think a few minor flares is good cinematography...but not shining your flashlight into the camera. LEDs should NOT flare out the camera. And every scene does not need flares.

2. TRANWARP TRANSPORTER- Mother Warper!!! Shakaree damn!!! What the Hell? This is Ubertech at its worst. You pretty much made starships obsolete. I can't explain in a post just why this is a really really bad idea.

3. Cadet to Captain? - This would never happen. I don't care if you saved the United States from an Alien invasion, they are not gonna give you a Captain Rank with their most advanced Destroyer or Submarine.

4. Windows - F YOU MICROSOFT!!! no really Windows. If something is transparent , UV radiation definatly penetrates it. Anyone notice how the Kelvins crew was getting full lethal doses of UV radiation before Captain Robau came on the bridge to activate the "Sunglasses" shield. And its bothering me that at any given moment, the crew could be blinded by an explosion, or supernova... Not to mention all the lights on the bridge reflects off of it making it hard to see out of.

5. Spock and Uhura.... Yes Uhura was flirtacious with spock in TOS, but WTF? Actually I said that out loud in the theatre before I caught my self. I have problems with a lot of characters acting out of character.

6. Chekov - Yeah that is not Chekov...well he's Chekov, but he's not Pavel. He's Pavel's older brother...

7.Supernova- A supernova cannot threaten a whole galaxy. And even if it could, it would take over 100,000 years to destroy it after it exploded. If Alpha Centari went supernova...we wouldnt know it for 4 years. Thats plenty of time for Romulus to evacuate. Only way is that the name of the star of Romulas is Hobus.

8.DRILL- Nero, buddy, you didnt need it. A blackhole will destroy a planet from orbit as easily from its core.

9.SUPER DUPER DUPER SPEED. DO Starships not have a warp limit anymore? I thought they got to Vulcan fast, but from Qo'nos to Earth was just INSANELY fast.

10. The Enterprise - whatever happened to Robert April? And wasnt the Enterprise supposed to been launched in 2245? And I think its not really convenient to build a star ship on the surface. My opinion. Also, The plaque of the Enterprise has always said San Francisco Yards (which happens to orbit the earth above san francisco). NOT RIVERSIDE IOWA. And you dont make a ship from 300 meters to 700 meters because some ship was destroyed. Ships get blown up all the time in star trek.

11. Fencing - You do not use a Samurai sword or Katana or whatever the heck that was in fencing. YOU USE A FOIL.

All the other stuff, I probably could look over. Im not THAT bad. But yeah these are my issues thats been keeping me from enjoying these films....actually, honestly, I enjoyed Star trek into Darkness when i first saw it. When I thought back and started analyzing it, I started to see those holes. But where it seems to me the producers were so careless, and turned star trek into something that almost makes it something differnt than Star Trek, It makes me hate it. I try hard to explain my point of view, and I cant find the words I need.

I didnt start this to start an argument. I posted this so you guys who like the new star trek , might understand what it is that the "Haters" hate. And actually, those of you who like the movies should reply with things you liked about them, and why you liked those things you liked about them.

Me myself, I actually like a few things about the new movies. KARL URBAN IS THE MAN!!! And For some reason I really love the design of the Uss Kelvin. And I think John Cho makes an excellent Sulu. And I think the Camera angles in the starship p0rn are original and unique. Angles we never really seen before. I like the musical score. Not the best, but not the worst either. I'm glad we didnt get another Star Trek IV composer. I keep humming the main theme to star trek 09 at random intervals. Anyways, hope I havent offended too many people. Let me know what you all think.
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