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Re: STID's plot holes unrivaled?

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Yeppers. Not only that they killed the impact of the scream and the "threat" by having Kirk know the whole time they had a way out.
And that's why Shatner's famous scream of Khan's name is made fun of. Not just for the cheesiness of it but the fact that it just makes no damn sense whatsoever.

Completely disagree. Kirk knew he had an out but COULD NOT reveal this to Khan, thus the scream. It makes perfect sense.

Let's play this another way:
Khan: "Buried alive....."
Kirk: "No worries, up there Mr. Singh! I've got Spock hiding Enterprise on the other side of Regula, fixing her up as we speak. Give me an hour and we'll be rescued!"
Khan to Joachim: "Take us around the planet"
Actually you just pointed out another problem: How the hell did the Enterprise avoid Khan for an hour? Both ships would have known where the other was. Khan had the ship that wasn't shot full of holes. He couldn't look at a scanner and see what they were doing: "Oh they're circling the planetoid, we'll just pick up speed and catch up to them". Enterprise should have been fragged 5 minutes after Khan's little buried alive spiel.

The level of incompetence (see: stupidity) evidence by Khan and his people should have made it impossible for them to get out of the Ceti Alpha star-system, much less pilot that Reliant.
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