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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

I personally would love to see the return to the Prime universe. ITs the one I spent my whole life watching and studying. Its home to me. When I see the JJverse, I feel like I am watching the bastardization of a family member. Don't call me a hater, its just NuTrek is not what I grew up with. Well I guess you can call me a hater, because I absolutly hate lensflares...but thats the only reason you can call me a hater...well theres the brewergineering...but thats the only 2 reasons you can ever call me a hater...Well there is Bob Orci...OK OK you can call me a hater, but I do love the design of the Kelvin. And thats coming from someone who hates 1 engined starships.

Anyways I want to see a return to 2380s Prime Timeline. I am curious to see the aftermath of the Dominion War. How starfleet is rebuilding and the long term effects it has had on the federation, the romulans, the klingons, whats happened to the cardassians. All of that.
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