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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

On a slight tangent, is the bridge set in VI definitely a redress of the V one? It looks huge in V but cramped in VI. Is that really just an effect of the lighting and colour scheme?
I am pretty sure its the same set with modifications. (Mainly position of pieces and paint colors). Herman Zimmerman was designer for both setups.

It's a shame that in VI the set was so obviously a slightly modified Enterprise. They didn't even change the colour scheme, and as a result it looked cramped and tiny. Add to that the bunk beds and removal of the quirky computer voice from III, and it didn't seem at all like the same mammoth supership we'd seen before.
Actually, its more of a shame that the Ent-D was only a slight redress of the sets. (If you are referring to the corridores). If you will notice, the TMP corridores have always been cramped. TNG widened them, and when Nick Meyer came in, he wanted to make the wide corridores look cramped. He understood that the Enterprise IS NOT THAT BIG (hah i keep throwing that line at you lol) . If Anything can be said about Nick Meyer, he's very nautical.
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