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Re: Peter David comic book story

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If Arnold thought those kind of things weren't acceptable, it's a wonder he ever got the position at all.
The authors have a list of complaints about RA, but I've heard him speak at conventions many times and he was passionate that he was preserving "Gene's vision".

Yes, he often challenged the authors on references to Kirk being ordered on a diet by McCoy, and too much womanizing, fistfighting and breaking of the Prime Directive - because if that happened in every novel and every comic, it loses impact. After all, Kirk wasn't ordered on a diet by McCoy every episode/movie, nor did he womanize, fistfight or break the Prime Directive every episode/movie.

RA was employed by Roddenberry to represent Roddenberry's viewpoint on Trek. He got the position because he worked on a volunteer basis for GR for many, many years, and amazed everyone with his photographic memorie for Trek trivia.

Now, it's debatable whether RA went beyond his brief; he certainly trod on many toes. But he had a job that made him the envy of many fanboys.
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