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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

On a slight tangent, is the bridge set in VI definitely a redress of the V one? It looks huge in V but cramped in VI. Is that really just an effect of the lighting and colour scheme?
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Another way you could tell the TVH bridge was NOT EXCELSIOR was that it still had all the platforms, whereas the EXCELSIOR was a cheapo BUCK ROGERS season 2 like BRIDGE that looked like it could have been built in somebody's garage, w/o the elaborate
Although I see how cheaply it was made now, I still love the STIII Excelsior bridge. It looked absolutely huge and supremely advanced over the push-buttons and monitor screens of the Enterprise. The first time I saw STV, I thought, "oh cool, they've got Excelsior tech"

It's a shame that in VI the set was so obviously a slightly modified Enterprise. They didn't even change the colour scheme, and as a result it looked cramped and tiny. Add to that the bunk beds and removal of the quirky computer voice from III, and it didn't seem at all like the same mammoth supership we'd seen before.
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