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Re: a box of rotting garbage, "standalone episode sh*t" and more trivi

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Remember this is TNG-era Gene Roddenberry, not TOS Gene. TNG Gene's outlook changed quite a lot. Berman was always trying to stop and think about WWGD (What Would Gene Do) in the way he ran the franchise. He says so on one of the TNG Blu-ray documentaries and on Rod Rodenberry's doc TrekNation.

He had a bust of Gene in his office and he'd blindfold it as a symbol when he would give in and approve something he didn't think Gene would like.


I bet that blindfold was on a lot for Ira Steven Behr's meetings
He should have just thrown the bust into the trash, problem solved! Didn't Berman notice a trend when the show got better every time the blindfold was on? That should have been a hint.
Roddenberry's vision was crap and detrimental to the franchise.
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