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Re: Novels with advertising?

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Has anybody ever come across Trek novels that included advertising?

This happend to me only once and it was disgusting. It was a TNG Novel, where Data becomes human. In one chapter he uses the replicator to order soup. It went something like this:

Data ordered some hot soup from the replicator. - Interlude - While Data is getting something to eat, why not take a break and treat yourself to some nice hot 5-Minute Instant Soup (Insert your local brand of redicously overpriced instant garbage here)?

The advertising wasn´t a flyer or anything like that, it was printed in the regular font of the novel and inserted right into the text flow.

I'd hardly call that an advertisement.

It's in Metamorphosis, page 153 at the bottom and going over to the next page. In all, it's four lines, describing thirteen varieties of soup. None of them are brand names.

You're reading WAY too much into it. Calm down and just read the book. And stop seeing conspiracies to sell you soup.

EDIT. Why didn't you say German version and provide the screenshots from the beginning? Although I note with interest that the paragraph sizes in the blacked out sections match perfectly with the paragraphs on the opposite page.
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