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Re: Great article about Chris Pine as Kirk

Thank you for sharing this article. I really appreciate. I was really affected by Pine's performance (and, although ?Kirk and Spock were not exactly friends at that point in the movie, I was touched by the way Kirk held Spock's shoulder to steady himself when Pike died. All the formalities of what broke their friendship up, even temporarily, seemed unimportant when it came down to it).

So, yea, the new Trek franchise is littered with many things that frustrate this fan, from awkward sets, super warp drives and transporter devices, odd new rules, but if I had to tell everyone why I do watch these films, and if I could only give one single reason, it's Pine. He has done the impossible and has become Kirk just as Shatner had. I'll watch any future films for, at minimum, his performances.

Thanks again.
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