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Re: concept art and set photos!

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Regarding the Spacedock Manifest imagery: I can't begin to describe how exciting it is to see those other ships indicated at the dock!

The smaller constitution-class starship is intriguing, as is the enlongated 'excelsior-esque' starship (smaller ship, below small Connie ship). My curiousity is officially at max!!! Also - the other Nova / Voyager looking starship with the refit-style swept back nacelle struts is an interesting new design.

I missed those. Are there some images of just them?
None that I'm aware of, other than them schematically displayed on Marcus' display (to my knowledge) - just what can be seen from the Spacedock Manifest.

For images from the display, check out page 15 of this thread - Locutus of Bored posted images of the display, and points out all these new starships.

Here's one of Locutus's images (from that page), highlighting the ships in question (bottom right panel, and top right panel):

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