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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Okie dokie, made some progress on the 467 meter cross section today. Click for embiggenment.

I used those plans of the Lakota model that I posted earlier to refine the overall outline of the ship greatly. Random black lines and white elements are a result of me converting from the original black and white version to a colored LCARS-style MSD, as well as realigning stuff.

Other changes include:
  1. Realigned decks in saucer section to make the windows on the upper saucer step work. Initially, I was going to make the edge of the saucer have a step down, but eventually I realized that simply shifting the decks down ended up making everything line up better. In the areas at the saucer's edge where there are two rows of windows, I envision crew lounges and rec rooms. The windows around the top plateau and the upper saucer step would be executive quarters and workspaces. The solid hull section atop the neck is the space leftover because I didn't realign the secondary hull. (That would be catastrophic.) I think it's acceptable that this thickened hull section will contain explosive separation bolts. There's also a backup navigational deflector at the forward end of the Excelsior's saucer.
  2. Moved intermix chamber forward to align with where the original large deflector crystal center would have been, and reconstructed the intermix chamber as a swirl type.
  3. Concepted humpback plasma manifold/"supercharger." The yellow hexagons here are the antimatter pods, and this is both the point where the antimatter is injected into the intermix chamber and where it is re-injected to plasma headed to the engines to supercharge it. I may or may not put a phaser atop it to match the Laktoa one. Even if I don't, there's still space for one later. I'm not entirely clear on how this component would work, and I'm not entirely sold on the second horizontal core thingy. If anyone has a better idea please put it forth.
  4. Rebuilt the engine guts. Right now the forward dome is going to be a matter intake and the aft dome is going to be the off-axis field controller. I reduced the number of coils to coincide with the dorsal field window on the nacelle structures. I think the section behind the matter intake under the Darth Vader hatch* at the beginning of the dorsal oopening is going to be the plasma injector. I'm purposefully going for TNG-style nacelle guts to suggest that this set the standard.
  5. Made the warp core a two-lobe version of the one from Rick Sternbach & Tim Earls Constellation cutaway. I rationalize that this eventually develops into the two core scheme of the Galaxy class. There is also a "transwarp computer" for Scotty to sabotage down in the secondary hull.
I'm debating showing features that wouldn't actually be seen in a true cross section. Originally I went for more of a true cross section, only showing things you would see down the middle, but I knid of like showing the turboshafts the way I've done. Still, it ends up obscuring some stuff. I may or may not end up only showing some. Right now, you can see basically all of them.

More to come!

*The "Darth Vader hatch" is so-called because the small cap just aft of the forward nacelle cowling is actually the entry hatch from the model kit of Darth Vader's TIE fighter. True story.
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