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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

I think the set was really ruined by TNG. Afterall, even during the production of TFF, the set was being revamped and used as various ships on TNG. I am glad also that they just decided to build a whole new set.

That set took a lot of punishment. TMP, then the repaint and redress for STII, The explosions of the bridge simulator, explosions on the enterprise, and explosions on the reliant all in STII, The repaint and redress for STIII, then redress for the USS Grissom, then the big auto destruct explosions of the Enterprise In III, Then the redress for the uss saratoga and Yorktown in star trek IV, then the redress and repaint for Enterprise A in STIV, then there is the BAttle Bridge in TNG which a large portion of the set was redressed for then it was later redressed for stargazer, hatheway, Enterprise C, all the way to parts of it being used as the Pastuer in All Good Things. The Alcoves were still being used as the alcoves on the Enterprise E set all the way up to Nemesis in 2002. So I imagine by time it was over, that set was very very very very overused and worn.

Also, Is it me or is that design thing behind the bar in Ten Forward framed with the viewscreen frames from the TMP bridge set?
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