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Re: Biggest "Tear-Jerker" Moments in Trek

BillJ wrote: View Post
It's funny, the only time Trek ever made me come close to being emotional was during Tasha Yar's funeral at the end of "Skin of Evil". And I don't even like the character.
Tasha was my favorite TNG character, so that scene always makes me cry.

Push The Button wrote: View Post
Edith Keeler's death in The City on The Edge of Forever, the interactions of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in that scene are the best of the entire series.
Whatever the behind-the-scenes disputes doing on with that episode, the actors did a wonderful job.

And my #1 tear-jerker moment is, of course, Spock's death and funeral. I don't get why so many people in the audience laughed when Scotty played Amazing Grace. I'm atheist, and that song always reduces me to tears.
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