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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Wow. Quite simply, this is awesome, the nerdy kind of stuff I get into.

I don't have tons to add. I think you've thought it all out quite well, and dramatically I enjoy that you refer to the Genesis debacle as the "Genesis Escalations." Is that from somewhere or did you come up with that? I had to Google the Rittenhouse Conspiracy, but then I immediately realized. And, I enjoy that you group it into Excelsior, Miranda, Constellation, and "other." This really makes the speculation we've discussed about Khitomer Accord ship limits make sense.

In my Excelsior TM, I skirted around pinning things down as much as you have. Your numbers though do roughly fit my projections about the Excelsior class. I have them ramp up production during the 2340s due to Cardassian and Klingon fears and I think I end up saying there were 500 Excelsiors built for all time. (I was trying to explain the NCC-4xxxx registries with the continual production.) Are you employing a batching system in your thought process, or simply that x number are built per year? Or maybe I'm splitting hairs and they're actually the same thing.

I'll re-read a few times and see what else I can think of... but wonderful work. Do you plan to write additional chapters?
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