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Re: Into Darkness - EWW video

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STID can't be singled at as being something unique for a perceived "problem" when it's not. Are lot of "problems" or "Trek would never do "X"..." is less problems with the movie and more the fact that some people just don't like the production team.
The video in question is a list of complaints against STID specifically. Just because there have been other questionable melds doesn't mean that this one, done for no reason as Ln X has pointed out, isn't a valid "Sin".

I also want to know why the Enterprise can get to Qo'Nos and back faster than I can get from DC to Manhattan, and why that barren rock McCoy and Marcus landed on had breathable atmosphere, and why Chekov could beam a free-falling Kirk and Sulu and cancel their velocity in ST09, but couldn't beam Khan up here. I'd also like to know why Carol Marcus wasn't killed by running while beaming.
Actually, personally, I don't see it as a "valid sin". Spock explains why he did it later in the movie. It wasn't just done, then dropped--Spock had a purpose. As well, as we saw latter, foreshadowing Kirk's request for Spock to help him not to be afraid with Spock cut off from helping Kirk.

As for the rest of it..well all of the complaints in the vid: Trek 101 all of it. If that's a 'problem' or 'mistake' then the whole franchise is guilty. If you want to lay any complaint: it's how close that STID adheres to the Trek formula without taking the big risks. That STID didn't take the opportunities presented to turn the franchise on its head.
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