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Re: First-person narratives

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It's not awkward. Chapters titled with the name of the person who's experiencing it. The chapter from Kirk's POV is called Chapter 1: Kirk. Then Chapter 2: Spock. Chapter 3: Scotty. Et cetera.
Actually that does strike me as a little awkward. I mean, it's been done, but it's a little... self-conscious, it seems.

The thing is, just talking about it as a device out of context, it can't help but feel contrived. It's the wrong way of approaching the question. You don't start with a device and then concoct an excuse for using it. You start with the story and use whatever storytelling mode works for it. If the story needs to be told in alternating first-person chapters headed by the characters' names, then it wouldn't feel awkward (probably). Otherwise, it just feels like an imposition.
Exactly. It's all about using the right tool in the toolbox. Sure, you can conceivably use a screwdriver as a hammer, but most of the time it's easier just to use a hammer!
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