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Re: News about early 2014 schedule

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What do you mean, "new design?" Aside from the out-of-universe replacement of the original film projectors with video monitors, the bridge stations in TSFS were the exact same ones from TMP, which means they'd been unchanged for at least 12 years. And Reliant had the exact same design too (since it was a redress of the same bridge set). Do you really think that Chekov got from security chief to first officer without ever training on the science station?
You misunderstood what I was saying. My earlier comments were in response to a poster who remarked that as of TMP, only Decker had been trained on the new design of the Enterprise, which was why Kirk asked him to serve as science officer after Sonak died. Chekov was aboard but served as security chief and tactical officer.

By the time we get to TSFS, Chekov is at the science station, which means he would have learned the new design in the intervening twelve years. That was my point. Not that the bridge design was different between TMP and TWOK/TSFS.

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