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Re: The Cage bridge.

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They lost the slide projectors on the overhead monitors because of the cost...the number of union operators required was too expensive.
That's sad. If I had to make a bridge, I would want every type of display. Plasma screens, rear projectors for a soft light, LEDs LCDs, a little bit over everything to add layers of warmth to the images.
That would be great, but in the 1960s there were only CRTs and rear projection screens. CRT monitors would have been unwieldy and expensive, so rear projection was the only real choice.

Then there would have been the continuity problems as pointed out above.
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^Plus CRTs on film sets just didn't look good before HDTVs came along. Even when the monitors were synchronized to the film so they wouldn't flicker (a hard thing to do since they had different frame rates), the resolution was still poor. That's why most old TV shows and movies used mattes to simulate the screen image on a TV or monitor the characters were watching. They switched from film loops to CRTs in The Wrath of Khan and it just looks so much more primitive. IIRC, it wasn't until Voyager that they were able to incorporate real monitors into the bridge and other sets.
Funny how easy it is to forget things like that.
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