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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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As much as I hate JJ-Prise, I hate the Vengeance more. It's JJ's version of an Uber ship. It's unattractive and silly to say the least. But I do like the question.
Now, I'm the opposite. I really, really, really dislike both Abrams movies and especially retch over the NuEnterprise. However, I find the Vengeance a much more pleasing design. It looks way more balanced and in proportion to itself than the NuEnterprise. I just ignore that it's monstrously retardedly huge.

MikeS wrote: View Post

We never actually see the crew of the 'E' get home after ST:FC. Perhaps it was like Back To The Future II, and they returned to a universe where Q owned a bikers casino and was sleeping with Picard's Mum. Inssurection and Nemesis must take place in The Nexus(TM).

This would explain why the previously never heard of Archer seems to have had such an important role in this NUniverse - His dad actually found something that enabled him to "invent" the warp five engine early.
USS Archer NCC 44277 was part of the battle group sent to intercept Shinzon in Nemesis. It's not that they didn't know about Archer, our heroes apparently just never cared to discuss him.
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