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Re: DWM Announces Full Cast List for Big Finish's The Light at the End

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Well, I'm usually very good at recognizing the difference between the genuine actor's voice and an impersonation, since I have a keen ear for such things, but in this case I couldn't tell the difference. Guilor's performance did sound a little exaggerated compared to Hartnell's, but in terms of vocal timbre he's an uncanny match. Certainly far better than Richard Hurndall ever was.
Hurndall's performance is an odd one; when you see him in other stuff from the 60s and 70s, he's astonishingly like Hartnell on occasion, far more than in Five Doctors (in one Crown Court story, he walks into the witness box with Hartnell's hair and Pertwee's velvet jacket, playing a self-important art expert, and it's uncanny to watch).
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