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Re: was NX01 ever referred to as 'The' Enterprise?

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I'm surprised how attached some people are to "the". Do you all refer to yourselves as "the [your name]"? No? Why not? Then why should Enterprise - a proper noun, like your name - be different?
Because people aren't ships?
So? Do you say you're going to "the Chicago", or visiting "the London"? Those aren't people either, but they're proper nouns. Is it that hard to grasp?
Actually there are some cities, towns, and locations that start with "the", i.e. The Hague.

Personally, I was fine with calling it just "Enterprise", as a simple way of distinguishing it from the other shows, just as I liked that the title didn't include the words "Star Trek" for the first two seasons.

And for the record, if you recall the movies, Reliant and Excelsior were referred to as such without the "the" just as often as they weren't.
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