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Re: what if Kirk called the Metrons out on their hypocrisy?

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It's Machiavellian, pure and simple. Everyone seems to overlook the line, "Therefore, you will not be destroyed." After the fight, the winner was to be destroyed by the Metrons. (Let them fight it out so that we can learn who is most dangerous, then eliminate them.)

KIRK: What makes you think you can interfere with . . .

METRON (OC): It is you who are interfering. We are simply putting a stop to it. The place we have prepared for you contains sufficient elements for either of you to construct weapons lethal enough to destroy the other, which seems to be your intention. The winner of the contest will be permitted to go his way unharmed. The loser, along with his ship, shall be destroyed in the interests of peace. The contest will be one of ingenuity against ingenuity, brute strength against brute strength. The results will be final.
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