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Re: The Undiscovered Country and Yesterday's Enterprise

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The fact that Versailles was too harsh and lead to the rise of Hitler and WWII is well documented, but to whine that it was "unfair" and argue that Hitler was some kind of hero?! I just hope that has been lost in translation.
WarpFactorZ had asked a question, I answered it by trying to "illustrate" the reasons and why the Germans (of the past) considered him to be a hero. Nothing more and nothing less.

His was a rhetorical question. It was meant as an example of another treaty that had broken down.

You will note I used the term Nazi's in my post, not Germans. I am very aware of the distinction and mean no slight to you or your nation. :shakehands:

On the subject of unfair treaties and fifty year borders, what of the Treaty of Frankfurt? Do you think the Federation could have done something similar to the Klingons exacerbating the drive to war in the alternate timeline portrayed in Yesterday's Enterprise?
One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... some sort of spaceship.
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