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Re: how should JJ Trek end? (Trek 3 final scenes)

did you get the Inception style dream logic of the OP?

-khan & kruge, kirks 2 greatest enemies (who both wanted genesis) teaming up would have a nightmarish quality to it
-dying alone (discussed around the campfire in V)
-genesis and its imminent destruction in the nebula recall Khans demise (although inversed like the Kirk/Spock end in STID - this time its Kirk not Khan)
-setting the Ent on destruct recalling the nightmarish events of III
-dream/wish fulfilment of saving David
-Carol & Davids escape as he fends of attack recall his own escape with his mother and his fathers heroism (although hed be dreaming of what hed previously dreamt as the events of ST09 would only exist in Kirk Primes dream)
-Romulan ale & reading ‘QM Monthly’ before falling asleep = what sets off the whole dream of Nero and changed timeline
-reason why so much stuff in ST09/STID were call backs to events already gone by = because it was all a dream of Kirk Prime
-‘life is but a dream’ sung and being discussed just before falling asleep

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