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Re: 2013 Star Trek HOT WHEELS - Excelsior, Kelvin, Vengeance, BoP

I did finally get Vengeance (villain ship) as part of the Wal Mart exclusive DVD blu-ray everything set.

The ship came on a card, and the plastic bubble which wrapped the ship might be different than the Hot Wheel box version. I wouldn't consider it re-casting to pour resin or plaster into a disposable plastic clam shell--but if you were to do that, you would get a solid saucer with no cut outs.

The flat flank of the secondary hull might be a good place to put nacelle supports for a larger ship, with a tube recessed into the boxy lower hul to approximate a more standard seconary hull.

The Vengeance actualy has the best 3/4 views of any ship--it is actually more graceful than it looks at first. Or maybe Hot Wheels just had the nacelles up higher.
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