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Re: Next Movie Should Show More Extended Shots Of The Enterprise

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This is one of those things that has no right or wrong answer. A glorious long breathtaking beauty shot is awe inspiring to some, and is also a bored as hell yawning get me out of here moment to others.

Personally I love the almost love making style beauty shots of the Enterprise in TMP, however I understand why others think it's self indulgent, overlong and boring. Personally I would have loved to have ST09 or STID to have included a similar style of "Slow Burning Starship Porn." I could look at those ample nacelles all day.....
Maybe not "slow burning," but there was something approaching it in the 2009 movie's shot of Enterprise slowly banking away from spacedock, preparatory to heading off toward Vulcan (thought I had a gif of this, but the vid should do to illustrate.) Beautiful bit of footage, I thought.
Personally, I prefer the spacedock reveal and departure from STID. Feels like a proper introduction to the Enterprise.
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