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Re: "Serentiy" on-going from Dark Horse comics

This sounds cool. As much as I loved the Buffy TV show, i've never followed the comics that continue it. I'm worried that the comic just won't live up to the show, especially since Joss Whedon doesn't seem to be the writer of 90% of the comics set after it (and I have no desire to read a Bufy comic without Whedon). I did check to see if they ever gave Angel an actual ending (that show was amazing but it had the worst ending for a show that wasn't just suddenly cancelled, atleast surprise cancellation would have explained that cliffhanger) but it was just basically everyone being dead, except Angel and Spike, and just a lot of stupid stuff happening. That just made me not want to check out Buffy Season 8 (and Season 9, etc) even more.

I'l definately be on the look out for this, though. I liked the serenity comics they've released before, and this is definately something I want to see.
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