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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

First, an aside

I'm going to say that the timeline was compromised mainly by Nero's death as the Narada collapsed into the final black hole. I'm thinking some of that tech made its way all over the place, with both Feds and Romulans getting a piece of it.

I had an idea for fan fiction that Archer--from The Maltise Falcon, not the cartoon--later found the bird and that it was a shaped dilithium crystal after all. I don't think I'm the first to suggest something with the name Archer though...

Due to debris, found after Enterprise, people learned what Romulans looked like before "Balance-" but some tech was also found before, allowing the NX-01 to advance--this allowed Kelvin.

So help me, this drone vessel:

Looks like something salvaged from Narada--not to mention the D-7 Archer encountered. Here is where the JJ timeline begins.

This means that 24 Century (Enterprise-E era) technology was made available earlier on--at least some of it. Vengeance had a TOS-E era lay-out with stright nacelles, but that was allowed due to advancements in warp technology gained from wreckage. The result is that Enterprise-E probably has better integration of tech--better sensors, etc--but Vengeance had more powerful weapons from the altered timeline giving everything a boost.

Had Vengeance been captured by the Ent-E then refitted--then it would be the be-all-end all ship with advantages from the interplay of two timelines

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Hmm.. they never hit the same targets? Didn't shoot asteroids? That's what helped me realize the strengths of Star Wars ships vs. Star Trek ships. Look for common targets
Some asteroids are different, after all. with The Die is Cast we saw trek ships fully able to slag a planet to its mantle.
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