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Re: how do people feel about robert orci and Kurtzmen returning?

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I guess none!

Life eternal in the Star Trek universe!!!
Since there is an explanation right in my post, from the episode that introduced Khan, "none" does not apply.
What? That blood brought a tribble back to life.
Blood is a key element in the healing process, even in normal humans.

1) Khan has remarkable recuperative abilities. They say so in "Space Seed". He brings himself back from near death.

MCCOY: Maybe. Heart beat dropping.
KIRK: Circuit shorting.
SCOTT: Probably some dust.
MCCOY: Heartbeat now thirty, dropping fast. It's a heart flutter. He's dying.
KIRK: Bones?
MCCOY: He'll live.
KIRK: My compliments.
MCCOY: No, I'm good, but not that good. There's something inside this man that refuses to accept death. Look at that. Even as he is now, his heart valve action has twice the power of yours and mine. Lung efficiency is fifty percent better.
(McGivers enters)
KIRK: An improved breed of human. That's what the Eugenics War was all about.
MCCOY: I'd estimate he could lift us both with one arm. It will be interesting to see if his brain matches his body.
2) The little girl in act one is saved by Khan's blood.

3) The tribble is brought back to life by Khan's blood.

Connect the dots.
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