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Re: Earth Spacedock and its true purpose?

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That's totally splitting hairs, because the terms "dock" and "port" have always been used interchangeably throughout history to describe any place where ships are moored.
I'd say Wikipedia suggests otherwise, i.e. that a dock can be part of a port but a port is not the "lesser" part of a dock.
Sorry, but that's pure semantics. The terms are both used to describe places where ships are.
Yes, both describe places where ships are. But I believe there is a difference. A dock is like a berth, the "parking spot" for a vessel, the location/structure that accommodates a ship.

A port includes dock(s) and also the supporting maintenance, cargo, fueling, quarters, other facilities.

If you say "the port of Rotterdam" or "the port of New York", there's more implied than if you say "the dock in New York".
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