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Re: The Prime Alternative

Thanks guys.

Hi Mycroft... I definitely remember. What you are seeing there is the specular part of the texture. In Blender, I use 2 texture maps on an object; the color texture, which is of course just the color image you see on the model, and the specular texture, which reflects light from the texture depending on how dark or light different parts of the texture are, combined with what angle the light is coming in from.

On the STXI Enterprise, it has a really extreme specular texture, to make it look like it did in the movie. This is an example of what the saucer textures look like on that one:

(Color Texture on the Left, Specular on the Right)

For the Prime Alternative Enterprise, we wanted something more subtle.

As you can tell, not as much of a difference. But, definitely noticable, as you can see in this video, about 50 seconds in.

Hope that makes sense, and go make some more pictures.

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