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Re: a box of rotting garbage, "standalone episode sh*t" and more trivi

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So, how did "The Siege of AR-558" slip through?
I heard it was because they reduced it to one leg being blown off instead of two.
And I guess the Federation at war WAS true to Roddenberry's vision?

I don't have a problem with changing standards, but I do have a problem with double standards.
DS9 at war with Roddenberry? I think that is an exaggeration. Consider that RDM would have Nog receive counseling from a sauve 1960s crooner, eventually returning to duty, his psychological problems repaired, and able to pilot the Defiant to victory in the final episode. On the other hand, RDM took one Felix Gaeta, who lost his leg after Anders shot him and because the crew refused to jump so he could get treatment, became embittered at the collaboration emerging between the fleet and the rebel Cylons. With his itchy, painful stump, he leads a rebellion against the Galactica's leadership, but loses the direction of the rebellion's goals. In spite of his late surrender, he is executed along with his co-conspirator.

Nog finds help that allows him to return to full duty. Gaeta gets a bullet: only his itchy stump is cured before he slumps over. I believe DS9 was still very much moderated by the Roddenberry vision, even if it pushed its boundaries or, at times, stepped over them.
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