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Re: First-person narratives

^ Even though I am sort of "defending" first person it isn't necessarily my favorite type of book to read either. I think a lot of times first person is strangely enough weak on characterization.

For example I just read The Forever Wars, which is a great book and excels in its plot but its weak (in my opinion) in terms of characters.

I think first person works best when there is something unique about that first person perspective. As I mentioned before when the narrator is unreliable. I also tend to like it when the first person is focusing on another character (Watson>>>Holmes)

I am not really sure if I would like it for Trek literature or not (although I have read some Trek fanfic in the first person which I enjoyed). Of course what I read in terms of Trek lit is very selective in the first place.

But I am thinking a Trek novel maybe told from the perspective of an Ensign can be interesting (and that way you could also still probably incorporate all the main characters).
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