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The one has nothing to do with the other. You asked why they decided to drop the McCoy's-daughter angle and I offered a couple of possible explanations for what their thinking was. I wasn't saying I agreed with their thinking; I was just trying to imagine what it might have been.
And like I said your reasoning all makes sense to me. I wasn't questioning what you said but their decision. It seems to be all bad creative decisions in my opinion. Anyways my questions were meant to be more rhetorical.

From what I understand the story was originally dropped because they felt it made Kirk look bad. Even if I don't necessarily agree, I can understand.

So I was wondering why they felt the need to drop the storyline entirely, when they could have still incorporated other elements of it. It's just a shame and reeks of bad production decisions.

Although what Greg Cox says about values in the 1960's & possibly deciding that McCoy having a daughter made him too old, also makes a great deal of sense to me. But still it's a shame.

I did like that they mentioned Bones was divorced in the new Star Trek movies. It shows that one small line can add a lot to a character.
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