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Re: Data x Tasha. Was that affection or abuse?

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Edit: given the occasional truculence of the moderators I've seen around here I half-expect this thread to be deleted or closed on sight. If so, oh, well.
Whatever gives you that impression? We try to be very light-handed in the show fora unless obvious abusive or pornographic content appears. I've been mod on this forum for nearly a year and awarded one warning and closed about three content-free threads. Nothing in your thread even peeks over any arbitrary line, much less crosses it, in fact, it is a very good observation IMO.
On every forum I've ever been to threads tend to get closed if they brooch on the topic of sexual violence. I think the original poster was worried because he raised the question of whether this constituted sexual violence.

I think in this case Data was just not capable of identifying Tasha's body language as drunk body language.
OK, I get it now. The way the question was framed, It seemed both logical and interesting. IMO, It is not like it glorified or advocated for sexual violence in any way.
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