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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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I'm not clear why that would make TMP 10 years earlier though?
I think I was pretty clear on my thoughts:

BillJ wrote:
Shouldn't it be about a decade between the two films?

Kirk is 34 in The Deadly Years. If we assume that is year two of the five-year mission, it means they finished up somewhere around the time he is 37. He hadn't logged a single star-hour in 2.5 years in TMP which would push him close to 40. In TWoK, it seems the intent is that he's celebrating his 50th birthday.
Well, not really. Perhaps my question was unclearly stated.

All we know is that Kirk was 34 in "The Deadly Years," and TWOK is probably Kirk's 50th birthday. Beyond the fact that the 2.5 years of no space travel took place somewhere between the two, I would think we actually have no idea where TMP would fall.
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