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Re: In The Flesh: The Neutering of Specied 8472

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Kes talked to maybe two or three of them. All of them piloting those bioships. I doubt a soldier flying a single person ship is going to be representative of the whole species. That's like reading the mind of an air force pilot in combat thinking, "Kill all those mfers!" and drawing the conclusion they're going to commit genocide.
But why were they thinking about killing all "inferior species" rather then just killing the Borg, why didn't Kes ever sense an alien who was thinking more rational thoughts or even someone who was just directing their hatred against the Borg? This really makes the Voyager look like idiots in Scorpion, if Kes just read the minds of few aliens and determined they were all bad and Janeway just took her at her word on that, its just bad writing, a retcon that made the crew seem incompetent.

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Hate to say it, but Voyager was the aggressor with 8472. They tried tractoring their ship, beaming it away, and boarded it without permission. Then they were later seen collaborating with their enemy. Helped them design a biological weapon of mass destruction oh and handed one of their people over to a race of savages that probably disemboweled the fellow. So yeah... some aggressive tendencies towards Voyager are probably to be expected from the people doing the fighting.
Hitler was the aggressor towards Stalin in WWII, that doesn't instantly make Stalin a good guy. The way Species 8472 was presented in Scorpion, made seem like they wanted to commit intergalactic genocide, there was no hint that they were scared little sheep that were just scared for their lives. That plot point came out of nowhere in "In The Flesh", doesn't work because it had no build up and seems to contradict Scorpion.
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