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I would strongly advise anyone who hasn't done so already to listen to Mission Log's podcast interview and roundtable with Bob Orci.

John and Ken discuss Into Darkness, the 2009 film, and the decisions made writing and making the film as well as the influence TOS, TNG, etc. had on the process. Highly informative stuff that might change your mind about some things.

The podcast can be found on Mission Log's website, Facebook page and on iTunes. It's just under 2 hours, but well worth the listen, especially for those of us so impassioned over Into Darkness (one way or the other.)
That was fascinating, thank you!

I like that their Khan placeholder character was codenamed "Robert April" - it explains a lot of the early rumours, as well as why Khan's weapon on Kronos was called "April's gun" in concept art.
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